St Michael’s CE High School

Design and Technology group of students learn 3D Prototyping.

Group of 20 Design and Technology Group of students participated in 3D printing taster session delivered by Avatar 3D.

Revathi Timms, Executive Director said “it is evident that 3D printing is having a significant impact in education. St Michael’s CE high school is taking the necessary steps to integrate 3D printing in to the curriculum, inviting industry experts to give staff and students an insight in to this powerful teaching technology”

Students were fascinated by Avatar’s 3D printer the “ingenium”, a transparent kit allowing students to view the 3D printed parts and understand the importance it plays in the operations of the printer to produce high resolution 3D printed prototypes.

The workshop concluded with a video presentation raising awareness of the future of this technology and career opportunities in various sectors such as Manufacturing, Construction, Medical, Architectural, Fashion, the food industry to name a few.