’’The Sweetest Engineering 3D Printing Chocolate’’ – Aston University Engineering Academy (UTC) in collaboration with University College Birmingham (UCB) and partner Aston University.

Engineering students at AUEA were involved in a Research and Development, Innovation project with Avatar 3D.

21 students were provided with a basic understanding of the 3D printing process, giving them access to the the ”Ingenium” 3D printer to test various thermoplastic materials from PLA, ABS to Ninjaflex. They were then set a challenge of  investigating and putting forward their ideas on how they would Innovate the current FDM 3D printer which prints thermoplastic materials to print in chocolate.

Play the video to view the highlights of the innovation project :  Students pitching their ideas.

Students further developed their ideas by designing the parts for the chocolate extruder using Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD software and manufacturing those parts by using both Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing process and Subtractive process – machining the parts from laser cutting to CNC machining.

They were delighted to be showcasing the assembly of the chocolate extruder and the 3D printing chocolate process, printing bespoke chocolate engineering moulds at the parents open evening.